Date : Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Water Sports In Bali

IMG_0603Despite its small size, the island of Bali is probably the most popular destination in Indonesia and is one of the most preferred destinations in Asia. The island is known for its extreme beauty and it becomes quite obvious in the face of that beauty why Bali is called the ‘Island of the Gods’. Featuring rugged coastlines, tree covered mountains, desolate volcanic hillsides, verdant rice fields, and of course pristine beaches, it is almost as if the island of Bali was purpose built by nature to be a top vacation spot. Bali has an active and exciting nightlife, a number of historical and cultural attractions and an amazing variety of water sports.

Adventure seekers can find few better places to spend their holiday than in Bali. The island is home to panoply of adventure water sports. Some of the best diving spots in the world are found off the coast of Bali, and tourists should seize the opportunity to become acquainted with the island’s aquatic denizens. Divers are offered with the service of renting underwater cameras so that they can capture the vibrant and colorful marine life. Those who find scuba diving a bit too adventurous can try snorkeling instead. While one cannot really explore the depths while snorkeling, the shallow coast and crystal clear waters ensures that snorkelers will not miss out on the ocean life. One can even take a ride on a glass bottomed boat which is assured to be an amazing experience.

Try out water sports such as parasailing- a participant attached to a boat is fitted with an open parachute. As the boat speeds away, the parachute fills with wind carries the person aloft. Parasailing is quite popular on the island, and up to two people can be attached to a parachute at one time. There is also jet skiing, wind surfing and water skiing.


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