5 Sep by admin

Amazing Day, Great Fish

We had a brilliant day’s fishing as a family of five with the Bali Fishing Boats team. Komang and both Wayans looked after us incredibly well.

We left at 7am and headed over to Nusa Penida where we started to do some jigging. After a slow start we eventually got a bite. We reeled it in to discover it was a juvenile white tip shark!
Then we moved on and started trawling. After a while we managed to catch a small skipjack tuna.

Komang decided the fishing was a bit slow so we tried for some bottom feeders which was an excellent decision. We managed to hook a number of grouper.

We started off by catching a small grouper and then just over 10 minutes later we got a big bite. After about a 10 minute battle we managed to get it to the surface. It was a huge 7 kilo grouper.
We caught more good-sized skipjacks trawling in the afternoon.
Overall we had a super day and were made very welcome by the very professional team who looked after us.

Andrew N

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